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Feline Leukemia Bensalem Bucks County Veterinary Hospital

Cats may be born with Feline Leukemia or Feline Immunodeficiency, or can contract either of them at any time after birth, through means of intimate contact with infected cats (Felv) or bite wounds (FIV). Neither of these diseases can be cured, yet testing for them is recommended for all cats six weeks and older when they are first brought into a household. This is because given knowledge of your cat’s feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus status; we can help you make informed choices for the management of your cat’s health. 

Ethylene Glycol Toxicity in Pets Bucks County Veterinarian

Ethylene glycol is an odorless, colorless, sweet liquid that makes up nearly 95% of car antifreeze. This type of poisoning typically occurs when antifreeze drips from a car radiator or if it is spilled onto the ground when being transferred into the car engine. Your pet may then lick the spillage off of the floor or lick their paws off after running through the antifreeze puddle, ingesting the toxin into their bodies. There is a very small range of margin of toxicity when it comes to ethylene glycol ingestion, in other words, a small dosage of this organic compound can result in fatal toxicity. 

Diabetes in Dogs Veterinary Hospital Bensalem Bucks County

There are two types of diabetesthat are found in dogs that are responsible for this glucose-insulin inhibition. One being insulin-deficiency (most common type of diabetes), this is where the dog’s body does not produce enough insulin. If your dog is suffering from this form of diabetes it means that the pancreas is either damaged or not functioning adequately. Management of this disease usually requires twice daily injections as a way to help replace the missing amount of insulin that a healthy dog’s body would normally produce. 

Dog Vaccines Bensalem Bucks County

Vaccinations are broken down into two categories: core vaccinations and non-core vaccinations. CORE Vaccines are a series of vaccines that include DAPP and RABIES. The Rabies vaccination is required by state and city law for all pets. Regardless of the amount of interactions your dog may have with other pets or people, these vaccines are crucial to the fundamental health of your pup. 

About Us Bucks County Bensalem Veterinary Hospital

We offer a complete range of veterinary services, including, but not limited to: Physical ExaminationsDental CareVaccinations, Treatment of Illness & Injury, X-rays, Heartworm Prevention and TreatmentSpaying and Neutering, Surgical Care, In-House Laboratory Diagnostics, Allergy Relief, and Flea and Tick Control.


Physical Examinations, Surgical Care, Vaccinations, Spaying/Neutering, Dental Care, Digital Radiology, Heartworm Prevention, Flea and Tick Control, and Allergy Testing/Relief.